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May 27, 2010

"Why Chicks Cry" Revisited

Just when you least expected it, along comes another installment of "Why Chicks Cry," the series that answers the burning question, "Duuhrrr, heyyyy, just why do chicks cry alla time anyway?" There are many many reasons, most of which can be found in the panels of musty old romance comics. Here are a few...

Having to find a new weed connection

Job security

Preparing dessert

The gayety going on around you

Model home tours

Mastering the bunny slope

Feebly attempting to fight City Hall by striking it repeatedly with your purse

Fresh flowers

Dead flowers

Always being the understudy


Being bullied by squirrels

Pillows that do not smell "Downy fresh"

Birthday party drama

Mistaking a lampshade for a hat

Not being sure if you're dead or not

Bus Demons

Being asked to define "apathy"

Jerky ferris wheel operators

Speed bumps

1 comment:

  1. This is definitely not one I will be showing to "the little lady". It would put me on the couch for a week.


    Steven G. Willis