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July 3, 2010

Dell One-Pagers: Variety Pack

There is something these comics have that most of today's comics lack.
Marge's Tubby #14 (Oct-Dec 1955); artist unknown
Four Color #303 ( Nov 1950); Art: John Carey? (GCDB)
Tom and Jerry #111 ( Oct 1953); artist unknown
Daffy Duck #20 (Jan-Mar 1960); artist unknown
Four Color #64 ( Feb 1945); Art: Bill Holman
Popeye #15 (Jan-Mar 1951); Art: Bud Sagendorf
Four Color #603 ( Nov 1954); Art: Harvey Eisenberg? (GCBD)
Pogo #8 (Jan-Mar 1952); Art: Walt Kelly
Nancy #150 (Jan 1958); artist unknown; script: John Stanley? (GCBD)

Four Color #918 ( July 1958); artist unknown


  1. John,

    I came across your blog for the first time tonight. Nice mix of funny animals, superheroes, and underground comics.