May 17, 2011

Return to Forever

Greetings friends! JGT here, back from sabbatical to once again shine a light on the geniuses, both well-known and forgotten, that make this world a most wondrous place in which to live, in spite of all the troubles.

I won't go into great detail about my activities in absentia, but, minus blogging on a regular basis, life rolled on pretty normally. The major difference is, since I cancelled my cable, all the time I used to spend flipping from channel to channel is now being used to enjoy the media I could never seem to find on the cable grid. It's very liberating, and I highly recommend it. 90% of every generation's culture is crap and I don't have time for it. Unless it's interesting crap. Like Fernwood 2-Night.

If you look to the top right of the blog, you will see that I have selected six main labels for all the content on this blog. If you're just into comics, you won't have to weed through posts about television to find what you're seeking. Thanks to my old friend Anonymous for suggesting this solution. A special thanks to me for taking on the tedious task of retagging 90% of my posts. I also took the liberty of removing entries that featured dead YouTube clips or mp3 links.

What can you expect from Easily Mused going foward? Choice moments from the long history of comics, television, music, cartoons, and movies, that's what! I firmly believe that dissemination of culture is vital to the health of any civilization. The conglomerations that control our cultural history will, by and large, never see beyond their bottom line, will never realize their responsibility to be good stewards of the great legacy that has been left to us by thousands of artists who made it their mission to give us songs to sing and thoughts to ponder. It's up to people who are truly passionate about such things to share, share, and keep sharing. It's not only fair use, it's medicine for the world's ills. Nothing stifles destruction like creativity.

I truly hope Easily Mused will be a blog you will want to visit on a regular basis, to learn, listen, laugh, and be inspired to perhaps make your own masterpiece.

In short, I think you're in for a hell of a ride.

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