December 10, 2013

Sing it Gene!

Having just completed a rigorous series of time management courses, I am happy to announce my intention to resume full time blogging immediately. While Easily Mused has been relatively quiet for the past few years, it still has a modest amount of traffic from readers all over the world, for which I am grateful. I know that blogs are a dime a dozen, but I will do my utmost to provide content that will be interesting, original, and entertaining.

20th Century Pop Culture, that's my beat. I love creative people and their creations. I always have a warm spot for creators who I think are underrated and often overlooked. It is the artist's path I have followed throughout my life. They have taught me much about what is truly important in life. They have been my muses, and I hope that by sharing my sense of wonder concerning these outstanding human beings, you too may be inspired and delighted.

I will be rolling out a host of regular features, starting today with the "Muse Of The Week." Every week, Easily Mused will spotlight a creative individual and his or her works. There will also be a feature called "Strange Bedfellows," spotlighting instances where two famous people (folks who are not generally thought of together) met or collaborated. Think Nixon meets Elvis. "Frontier Cabin" posts will document my adventures as a songwriter and follow this process from creation to production and distribution.

Also expect to see rarely seen comics, rarely heard music, original humor and fiction pieces, wondrous Ebay finds that you can purchase for your own collections, a dash of philosophy, and a smattering of good news, delivered daily, completely free of charge, although donations will be accepted.

The bloglinks on the right will be updated and expanded on a regular basis. It will be a portal to a very fine lineup of blogs covering art and pop culture in it's myriad forms.

I hope you will make Easily Mused a small part of your daily routine in 2014. More importantly, I hope that this New Year brings you and yours much happiness and prosperity.

Cheers and Aloha!

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