January 11, 2014

Ol' Flu Eyes Is Back!

The word "flu" sounds so much worse than the word "cold." If I have a cold, it barely seems worth mentioning. If someone asks me if I'm sick, I'll do a little shoulder shrug. "Ehhh," I'll say, with the nonchalance of my personal role model Bugs Bunny, "it's just a little cold, Doc." Most colds are little. Did you ever hear someone say they had a big cold? "I wanted to attend your party, Edna, but I had a humongous cold."

People catch colds. Sounds a little bit like a friendly game of basketball. "Hey! Throw that cold over here! I'm open! I'm open!" People don't catch the flu. They just get it, and they have it, and that's it. And it's always The Flu. Like The Plague, or The Holocaust, or The Titanic. When someone tells me they have The Flu, I start thinking of how to back away from that person without seeming rude. And it's not easy formulating an escape plan when your mind is suddenly inundated with visions of floating skulls, feral rats, and witch burnings.

The Flu I currently have tricked me into thinking it was just a cold for about two weeks. I didn't have much of a fever for much of the time, though it has recently returned. Being sick has kept me from doing a number of things, including blogging. Hopefully, I'm in the home stretch.

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