September 15, 2014

Sublime Exotics #1

Having some extra time on my hands while I earn the funds to complete my home music studio, I decided to channel my creative energies into compiling and editing a show that mixes vintage, sometimes obscure, music with vintage, sometimes obscure, animation.

At times the music and animation seem to be working in concert to tell a story. At other times, the animation serves merely as eye candy to accompany the music.

I'd like to dedicate this program to all artists everywhere. Your lives and works are testimony to the unlimited potential of mankind to create, rather than to destroy.

This installment features music by Spirit, Traffic, Sherbet, Leon Russell & Marc Benno, Daddy Cool, Mark Fry, and Starcastle, as well as award-winning animation by Andrey Khryanovsky, Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Paula MacDougall, Josef Misik, Wang Shuchen, Gerry Paquette and Ishu Patel.


Opening Title: Animation from The Glass Harmonica (1968), directed by
    Andrey Khryanovsky.

Segment One Music: "Love Has Found A Way/Why Can't I Be Free?" by Spirit, from the album 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus (1970).

Segment One Animation: Extract from The Butterfly (1972), directed by
    Andrey Khryanovsky.

Segment Two Music: "Hidden Treasure" by Traffic, from the album The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (1971)

Segment Two Animation: Extract from Seasons (1969), directed by Ivan

Segment Three Music: "Silvery Moon" by Sherbet, from the album            Slipstream (1974).   

Segment Three Animation: Extract from 1974 (2000), directed by Paula    MacDougall.

Segment Four Music: "Icicle Star Tree" by Leon Russell & Marc Benno,  from the album Look Inside The Asylum Choir (1968).

Segment Four Animation: Extract from Kermesse Fantastique (1951), directed by Josef Misik.

Segment Five Music: "Eagle Rock" by Daddy Cool, from the album Daddy Who? Daddy Cool (1971).

Segment Five Animation: Extract from Crossing Monkey Mountain (1958), directed by Wang Shuchen.

Segment Six Music: "Song For Wilde" by Mark Fry, from the album Dreaming With Alice (1972).

Segment Six Animation: Extract from Oh Sean (1982), directed by Gerry Paquette.

Segment Seven Music: "Elliptical Seasons" by Starcastle, from the album
Starcastle (1976).

Segment Seven Animation: Extract from Afterlife (1978), directed by Ishu Patel.


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