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January 18, 2011

Philoskopy 101: The Wisdom of Popeye

Ahoy, swabs! Have you been looking for someone to help you navigate life's choppy seas? Do you need assistance in dealing with the Goons in your life? Good news! Popeye is here, with practical advice to keep you on the right path. Author of thirty books, including the bestsellers I Yam What I Yam...And You Can Too! and Sees Ya Ats The Top!, this sailor has learned much while circumnavigating the globe, and he's more than happy to share his sage wisdom with you! Light a stick of spinach-scented incense and read on, seeker!


  1. I have a good one on an original drawing by Segar:

    "Ya can'ts catch a fish without gettin' your feets wet."

    Nice post!

  2. the older i get the more i love Popeye! great post, great blog, i'ma gonna ads ya to my blogs lisk...

  3. ME blogs lisk, sorry 'bout dat...

  4. "A comic artist ain't no different than you or me or anybody excep' he knows how to draw pitchers an is crazy in the head".

  5. I love Popeye and enjoyed looking through these. Thank you.

  6. Irrelevant to everything, have you got/come across scans of the August '64 Esquire 5-page parody of Mad, "Bad"? Apparently it was written by an uncredited (and bitter) Harvey Kurtzman. I saw it mentioned in Squa Tront #12, but couldn't find it online...