February 10, 2014

Music Of The Mind #1

It's been a hectic few weeks around here at Stonehenge. Sadly, my wife Heather's father, Ray, passed away last week at the age of 81. We are also gearing up to move to another apartment this week. My oldest daughter, Josie, is about to turn 8, the forecast calls for snow, Valentine's Day...etc.

Time to head for the eye of the storm, so today I'm sharing some acoustic favorites, some relaxing, some captivating, some both. First up, a song by The Move, a band criminally ignored in America, known for the eccentric antics of it's genius frontman Roy Wood, and regarded as being the incubator for ELO, a more commercially successful unit.

Next up, a gathering of icons. Everly Brothers harmonies and Chet Atkins guitar add another dimension to Mark Knopfler's "Why Worry."

Upping the tempo a bit, the Spanish flavored Love classic with the tongue twister title. It's..."Maybe The People Would Be The Times or Between Clark & Hilldale."

With more snow and ice coming to North Carolina, I'm happy to announce that I'm not freaking out. I have purchased no bread. I do not have a surplus of milk. However, I think I have the perfect song. Here's 10,000 Maniacs with "Like The Weather."

Now, a radical departure into jazz territory with Cal Tjader. From the Verve album Soul Burst, here is a percolating tune called "Oran."

Finally today, here's Taj Mahal's version of "Take A Giant Step," a song written by Carole King and made popular by the Monkees. Time to get some coffee brewing. Later!