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July 7, 2009

Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet

I had already looked forward to writing a post thanking everyone for supporting Easily Mused on the occasion of it's 10,000th visitor. This was before my Panels 66 post "Why Chicks Cry" was picked up by Now it looks more like a 20,000 Visitor Party! A sincere thanks to all those who helped spread this around. I am inspired and humbled by the many comments as well, most of which were twice as funny as the original article. Now, which should I work on first...the merchandising or the Broadway development deal? I'm envisioning Tracey Ullman taking on the roles of all 66 women, perhaps set to the music of Lesley Gore...


  1. Congratulations!!! I think the greatest triumph in all this is that it has brought much needed attention to the romance genre, and that benefits everybody!

    Can I play the "reading romance comics" girl in the Hollywood version?

    BTW...I would so use that mug... at work!!!

  2. check it here a gift is waited you

  3. I have no idea what the copyright issues might be, but the crying girls and bad boys would make a great book. If you're interested in exploring the idea, check out I can be reached at megan (dot) patrick (at) fwmedia (dot) com.

  4. Dayo Olopade actually posted to that blog entry on the XXfactor blog hosted by
    Here's the link to her post: