July 7, 2009

Panels 66: Ladies, Beware!

Here's a companion piece to the Why Chicks Cry article I published recently that is currently making a few waves, particularly among young attractive female intellectuals of impeccable taste. This is a list of 66 varieties of the male species that women should probably avoid at all costs. These dirty bums can do you no good! Date these losers at your own risk!

The Guy Who Wears His Collar Up
The Desperate Guy
The Pervy Guy Mr. Fear Of Commitment
The Puppet Master
"Never There" Guy
The Wrist FondlerThe Bowler
The Guy With The Roving Eye
The Blamer
The Unemployed Actor
Mr. Big Shot
The Virgin Pipe Smoker
Imaginary Huge Man Face Guy
The Exhibitionist
The Shy Stalker
The Flatterer
The Nude Freight Handler
The Shuffleboard Wiz
The Critic
The Stuffed Animal Whisperer
The Witty Banterer
Mr. Checklist
The Violent Dancer
The Guru
Mr. Can't Take A Hint
This Guy
The Poet
The Royal Ass
The Cheat
Mr. Short Term Memory
The Pessimist
The Beatnik
The Tree Climber
The Amateur Sailor
The Liar

The Folk SingerThe Escaped Mental Patient
The Crummy Driver
The Murderer
The Projectile Sweating Guy
Disoriented Guy
The Breast Census Taker
The Masochist
The Lazy Graceful Cat-Like Man
The Really Skinny Guy
The Shower Sinatra
"The Captain"
The Mime
The Guy Who Says "Hi Connie!" All Day Long At Work
The Quizmaster
Your Boss (Unless All Credit Cards Are Maxed Out)
The Braggart
The Wiseacre
Monty Hall
Prince Charming
The Moocher
Your New Driver, Larry David
The Ventriliquist
The Emo Biker Guy
Rodin's The Drinker
The Comic Blogger


Anonymous said...

A wonderful follow-up....wow, I had no idea there were so many freaky guys out there...especially huge imaginary face guy!!!! Creeeepy!

You've been duggg my dear. :)


I knew it. Timmy. Its always Timmy!

Jacque Nodell said...

Another great post! There sure were a lot of bowlers in those romance comics. Best to steer clear!

Soda and Candy said...


Your comments make this post.

On the other hand, I read it when I was at work and nearly had an aneurysm trying to hold in the giggles, so thanks for that!!!

Toby O'B said...


Scipio said...

PAINFULLY funny; thank you!!

Braindance said...

So lush, the violent dancer, all of them are genius, top of the class.

I know so many who are going to love this link

Karl Lafong said...

Splendid stuff!

Chris said...

i lol'd all the way through!