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November 17, 2009

Sausage Pilot!

"Sausage Pilot!" is a good example of the importance of never writing stories on an empty stomach. Scripter Hank Chapman barely lets a panel go by without having his characters mention the "S" word, and he also throws eggs, hot dogs, and baloney into the mix, not to mention liverwurst, a food I refuse to try because it reminds me of both "liver" and "worst." This appetite-whetting battle tale features Kubert-esque art by Irv Novick and appeared in DC's G.I. Combat #123 (April-May 1967). Come to think of it, since Chapman's last ever comic credit appeared in June 1967, maybe "Sausage Pilot!" was a tongue-in-cheek parting commentary on the low wages comic book writers sometimes receive. Was malnutrition to blame for his exit from the industry?


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  2. If someone called me a "sausage pilot" they'd get punched.