November 20, 2009

Lifting Safely

Since I had to miss work tonight due to a back injury, I'd like to take a minute to remind you to always lift boxes safely. As a collector of pop culture stuff and one-time route salesman, I am an old pro at lifting things safely. This time, however, the bottom of the fairly heavy box I was trying to lift collapsed and my knee-jerk reaction was to twist my body in a very uncool way in a vain attempt to keep the contents from said box from spilling all over the bedroom floor. It's not a major injury, and I'll soon recover, but with the holidays approaching I thought I'd shoot a word to the wise. Now if I could only get that creepy "Mr. Bucket" jingle out of my, evil and forgotten 80's toy, I will not "put my balls" in your mouth!

1 comment:

Jenny - Pocketful Of Posies said...

Lift boxes and books!
I'm a librarian and I know about not lifting properly.
Or being near someone whos not lifting properly and getting konked on the head with Stephen Kings "The Stand."
Ouch - that hurts on so many levels.

Love your blog - espically the one about elmer fudd's brother.
Huh - the things you learn. :D

- Jen