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July 13, 2010

Harvey Pekar: Scenes From a Life

It isn't uncommon, upon hearing of the passing of a famous actor or author, to feel a sense of personal loss, even if one only knew the person from their body of work. Harvey Pekar's passing saddens me so much more, because he shared with me and everyone else who adored his autobiographical comics so many of the little personal details that colored his life.

I saw Harvey at his best, and at his worst. I know of his love for jazz, and his contempt for bullshit. I knew of his struggles with relationships and his battle with cancer. Harvey was a grouchy curmudgeon, but he was also a caring individual who helped many people and imparted his wisdom freely.

Yesterday, I lost a real good friend. Here are some of my memories from that long enduring friendship. Thanks for elevating my consciousness, pal.

Harvey Pekar: 1939-2010

All images from American Splendor comics. No library is complete without some Pekar!


  1. Very emotive, in spain only the crumb's comics have been edited, but I read as much as I could through the internet or some stuff that people bring here.
    The sense of loss that you talk about is enormously truth and terrible.
    Damn good post.

  2. We'll miss ya Harvey. I already do.

  3. First time I've ever applauded at the end of a blog posting.


  4. Ah -- Fresh Bread! Didn't we almost have it all? --Thanks for the heart warming hommage.