February 7, 2012

Why Chicks Cry: Teardrop City

(I have been both surprised and humbled by the attention "Why Chicks Cry" has received. It has been Facebooked, Twittered, even mentioned in Time Magazine. If you're late to the party, check out the original and also part two. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the third installment. Cheers!)

"They say that into every life a little rain must fall, especially if you are a female trapped in a romance comic. I never read romance comics much, and more's the pity, because I could have learned a lot about the fairer sex, such as what makes them cry. Turns out, pretty much anything..."

Romantic dinners 


 Joggers and pigeons

 Bus rides

 Fine Corinthian Leather

Rotary dial finger cramps

 Inkwelled pigtails

 Just because

"Escalating" tensions

 Unclaimed garments

 Broken pencil points

 Bad poetry skills

 War and Peace

 Soap operas

 Dragon breath

 Swan fountains

 Really tall guys

 Picking the wrong plastic surgeon

 Eye forests

 Being sandwiched

 White weddings

 Slow mail days

 Hair tangles


 Lazy chameleons

 Confused grooms


 Lousy DJs

 For good luck

 Going down


 Hair-lipped dogs

 Wet dreams

 Daylight Savings Time

 Calcium deficiencies

 Running water

 Moving pictures

 Stinky pits

 Improper handling techniques




 Not having correct change

 Major epiphanies

 Repo men

 Marching bands

 Cricket Song

 Block parties

 Unhelpful trees

 Misfortune tellers

 Clarinet solos

 Chilly hands


 Office politics

 Gaudy neckties

 Tiiiiny bubbles

Engine noises 

 Visiting the in-laws

 Having "man hands"

 Carpet stains

 Blowing the recital

 Two for one deals

 Doctor's orders

 Ring around the collar

 Getting stuck in the fridge...again

Happy endings


Comically Vintage said...

Many of these panels are lifted from http://comicallyvintage.tumblr.com. We'd appreciate a link back! Thanks.

Comically Vintage said...

It is a violation of our CC License to not provide a link back to our blog if you use our panels. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks!

John Glenn Taylor said...

I didn't lift any panels from your blog. I lifted panels only from the original comics. However, I'm definitely going to check out your blog right now to see what I've been missing!

vruz said...

We have checked in detail. Some panels are identical down to the errors in the paper texture.
Please honour the CC licence.

John Glenn Taylor said...

While I appreciate your desire to not have images from your blog "lifted," I'm afraid you're very mistaken in your accusation. I visited your blog for the first time after I read your comments here today. If the panels are identical to the paper texture, that only means that both your panels and my panels come from the same generous scanner. Using MS Paint,I personally cropped every panel in every installment of "Why Chicks Cry."
I can prove I didn't steal "your" panels because I have a list of every comic I pulled them from. For example, the panel with the lady breaking the vinyl record comes from Girl's Love Stories #55, a fact that I wouldn't know from Comically Vintage because you don't list the issues or issue numbers on your blog. How in the world would I know what comic that panel came from if I hadn't actually perused that particular comic?
Another thing I should mention here is that you don't own a panel because you scan it and put it on your blog. As far as I know, DC Comics is the owner of the stories these panels are from. I claim fair use of the comic stuff I post here because my blog is a non-profit method to share such things with others who may not be familiar with those things and I don't believe I'm damaging the owners' ability to make money off the content I'm sharing. In fact, I'm currently trying to get in touch with DC so I can find out how much it would cost to license those panels for a for-profit venture, a book version of "Why Chicks Cry." Why would I need to credit Comically Vintage? You didn't draw the panels, write them, or even scan them yourself? It would be different if I took your actual crop along with your snarky comment for the panel and reposted it here and didn't give you credit. Just like you would be in hot water if you posted "why Chicks Cry" ver batim, reasons and all. The concept "Why Chicks Cry" is MY intellectual property, but the actual source panels are owned by DC.
Before you accuse a person of doing something they didn't do, make sure you can prove it or that the accused person can't disprove it. Now what we have is just an awkward situation for you. You and I, Comically Vintage curator, have started off on the wrong foot!

No hard feelings,
John Glenn Taylor :)

Anonymous said...


And that's why I'm NOT visiting their site...

Great reply and great blog JGT.