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September 8, 2009

"To The Bat-Room, Poopie!"

When I was in my late twenties, between wives and rooming with my friend and fellow musician Patrick Raymaker, I got a notion to wallpaper my bathroom with those beautifully glossy pages from a DC Archives Batman volume. With no sane rational female around to convince me otherwise, my dream became a reality. It took about 12 geek-hours to accomplish, spread over the course of a week.

I really enjoyed the reactions of visitors to my Bat-Room. The glee, the bewilderment, the realization that I was even more disturbed than they had reckoned. Actually, of course, I am not disturbed at all. Just a free spirit artist, doing his thing. Some people can't handle that, I suppose.

Alas, all good things eventually come to an end, so I had to dismantle the Bat-Room when I moved out of the apartment. I'll always have my memories though, and these three photographs.

To anyone who might possibly be inspired to try something like this, I say go for it! You only live once, you know. Has anyone out there comic-ed up their abodes in a similar fashion? Share your photos and links in the comments section!


  1. My fella has plastered our powder room with pictures of metal gods. The jutaposition of Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield has garnered some comments.

    We also have Johnny Cash flicking off the viewer in a "Steal Your Face" (Grateful Dead skull) right next to the pot.

  2. Wow thats cool :D i was thinking similar for my bedroom, just i wanted to do it with pictures from several comics, and not full pages, just scenes (1 picture)every favorite scene put together.

  3. stylish... nice bit of toilet reading. go go go