September 7, 2009

At Easily Mused, Comics Are King!

I apologize profusely for the paucity of posts lately here at EM. For some time, this blog has been for me a laboratory of sorts, and I have enjoyed and benefited greatly from the creative atmosphere. My ultimate dream is to write songs for a living, but during a self-imposed hiatus from that calling, a hiatus that has lasted more than a year, I have channeled a lot of my creative energies here.

I have been overjoyed to cross paths and make connections, no matter how tenuous, with like-minded folks who share my passion for comics and their creators, and I have felt both flattered and humbled when something I worked on, such as my article "Why Chicks Cry" , received attention and kudos. Heck, just seeing Easily Mused on the blogrolls of blogs that I follow gives me a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Thank you, all!

Lately I have been thinking very much of what direction the blog should take. At times, I have strongly favored expanding the scope of the blog to cover all things pop culture related. I am, after all, just as big a fan of music, movies, and television, as I am of comics.

However, it occurs to me that the blogs I like the most are the ones that focus on particular subjects. I desire to avoid being a "jack of all trades, master of none." Or, as a wise man once sang, "You can't please everyone, so you gotta please yourself." There are rare masters like Mark Evanier who can cover a wealth of subjects with great skill and finesse, but I am not anywhere close to that level, at least not yet.

Therefore, I have decided that , from now on ( or at least until I change my mind), Easily Mused will be a comics-only site! MY muse feels that is the correct course to take, and I NEVER question my muse. I have also decided to adhere to the following disciplines:

1. I will strive to make this blog a place that encourages interactivity with the reader. Any comments are more than welcome, ditto for suggestions or requests.
2. I will make a special effort to post daily, because I know what a disappointing feeling can arise from visiting a favorite blog that is NOT being updated frequently. If I am out of town or sick or something, I will let you know.
3. I will favor conciseness in the scan posts. I would rather post 4 six-pagers a day, for example, than 1 twenty-pager. Eclecticism!
4. Credit always where credit is due.
5. I will post a lot more links to comics-related articles and sites that I find interesting and share-worthy. No blog is an island.
6. The twin goals of Easily Mused posts are to shine lights on talented creators, characters, and concepts (famous and not-so-famous) and to
have a great deal of fun along the way! I want comics fans to leave Easily Mused with smiles on their faces, anticipating their next visit with eager enthusiasm, the same way I used to feel as a kid racing into the Main Street Drugstore on Wednesdays to savor the newest spinner rack treasures.
7. Health care for all!!! Oh wait, wrong list.
8. I grow tired of the discipline listing process.

That's all for the moment. B&B seeing you, true believers!

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