September 21, 2009

Easily Tubed!

A few weeks ago, I made a decision to focus exclusively on comics here. Shortly afterwards, a little voice in my head started whispering, "Why limit yourself?" My passion for popular culture knows no bounds and since I don't have time to maintain five or six different blogs, I'm going to cram everything into this one.

From now on, Easily Mused is going to be my pop culture diary. It's a way to keep the blogging experience exciting for me, and hopefully for you too! Comics? Of course, there will be comics! I'll also talk movies, music, animation, and any other darn thing that's on my mind. This is my sandbox and you're welcome to play in it with me! It's not all about nostalgia, though. I want to learn new things about myself in the process. Why do I like the things I like? How did my culture shape me and my behavior patterns?

To kick off things, I have decided to devote a whole week to Farnsworth's Folly, Televison. It's been a constant presence in my life since my birth in 1973. This week I'm going to reflect on my experience as a lifelong tv viewer. I'll also share some cool comics based on tv shows, as well as some funny parodies. In the end, I aim to determine for myself how beneficial tv has been to me, and how much of a good thing is too much. Is tv more "the opiate of the masses" or "the window to the world"? I'll be visiting blogs and other websites that focus on tv and linking to some fascinating essays and exhibits. Let's begin!

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