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March 12, 2009

Kaspar, The Dead Baby

From Crazy #8 (Dec. 1974), a parody of Casper The Friendly Ghost that disturbed (and amused) me greatly when I was a 7 year old. Thanks a lot, Marv Wolfman and Marie Severin!


  1. This was THE most memorable thing from CRAZY in my opinion.

  2. CRAZY was way funnier than MAD or CRACKED!!!

  3. I know I read this in Crazy, but my experience in seeing it had to be later, possibly in a best-of re-issue, though still in the 70's. I think this satire of Casper may be my earliest remembered scarred-for-life moment.

  4. thank you, now I know why my mom took this away from me when I was a kid

    1. Same here. I mostly just remembered the title and Mom being mad.

  5. Winner of Best Humor Story at the 1974 Academy of Comic Book Arts Awards. Thanks for posting so I didn't have to track down a copy of Crazy #8.

  6. Didn't know that this was Marv Wolfman's earliest Marvel pieces before creating Blade.