March 18, 2009

Up Periscope!

Easily Mused started as a songwriting blog, a place to showcase my musical wares, a few years ago. I have been studying the craft of music for over 20 years. For many years, my obligations hindered my efforts to pursue songwriting as a full-time career. It was only two years ago, after having written about a thousand songs, that I felt accomplished enough to share my compositions. I taught myself how to use recording software, plugged in my mic and got to work. I got a lot of good feedback from an online songwriting forum and I had some moderate success with a few of my songs on Unfortunately, my work was again stalled due to a major life event, in this case, separation from my wife. I returned to my home and job ( as a dueling piano player) in Raleigh almost a year ago. Since that time, I have not recorded a note of music. Soon that will change. I intend to resume recording demos in the very near future, and I am hoping this blog will be a good place to disseminate this work and attract notice. I have no desire to be a celebrity or become a kazillionaire from my music. I write songs because I am a songwriter. I have things to say and I love songcraft. I love melodies and harmonies and interesting chords and chord progressions. I want to write songs as good as the songs written by my musical heroes, people like Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Andy Partridge, Randy Newman, and Harry Nilsson, to name just a few. There will still be comics here, but I am about to broaden the scope of this blog. I want to make it more personal. I want to include more stuff about music, movies, and social issues. In short, I want this blog to be a record of what goes on inside of my mind, what influences my art, what inspires me as I move through this world. I might even write a song for you. Who knows? Peace!

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