June 23, 2009

If "Peanuts" Characters Aged Like Real People

I was glad to get word that Frank Jacobs, longtime writer for Mad Magazine, is to be one of two recipients of the Bill Finger Award at the Eisner Awards ceremony at Comic-Con this year (the other honoree is the brilliant John Broome). There are many reasons Frank's clever satires have appeared in over 300 issues of Mad. Here is but one, from #148 (January, 1972), featuring the artwork of Bob Clarke.


The North York Nut said...

haha very good and funny

tmjva@verizon.net said...

Is that the issue that had the school essay of the kid that went on Summer Vacation and re-used the essay through his educational career?

Unknown said...

I remember the Linus-Violet & the blanket one.