June 14, 2009

They Almost Called It "Everest"

40 years ago, The Beatles were in the process of recording their final album, Abbey Road. Many people, including myself, consider it to be a masterpiece of rock and roll music. You know an album is great when you still hear new things in it, even after listening to it hundreds of times.

Tonight, across from Rum Runners ( the finest dueling piano bar in all of downtown Raleigh), the band Filter gave a free concert in the park. Not being very familiar with their work, I decided to give them a listen during my first set break.

The band was in good form and they obviously were seasoned musicians, but after three or four songs, I was ready to go. There's something about Filter I don't "get" in the same way I never got Metallica...my life has been pretty shitty in some spots, and I don't listen to music to relate to how shitty life can be. I don't get that. Music has always been like the antidote for me, not the poison. I guess when you're younger it feels "cool" to drink the poison, but I never cared about being cool so I guess I'll never really be able to relate to Filter, or Metallica, or Korn, or Limp Bizkit. You kids have fun with that stuff, but also be aware that there are these things called "melodies". A lot of fine musicians use them in their songs, and it makes them catchier.

At any rate, I can practically guarantee you that you'll never see 47 parodies and/or hommages to any of Filter's album covers.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen pics of at LEAST 3-4 japanese animation shows that have been directly inspired by the abbey road cover...