January 1, 2009

"Mickey Rodent!" (Mad #19)

Every year around this time there is always a recap of people who have passed away and we lost some talented folks in 2008, a partial list of whom can be found here. I've been lamenting the loss of Will "Chicken Fat" Elder this past May. His subversive illustrations for Mad and other publications have tickled my funny bone for a long time. Here is the hilarious sendup of Disney that he did with Harvey Kurtzman for Mad #19, way back in 1955. Hoohah!


Leandro Aude said...

Great! Who are the characters in last vignette supposed to parody?

Unknown said...

You know, it's funny that when Darnold Duck is hit in the head when he doesn't duck, due to how ducks are built, it almost looks like it bounced off his tail/ass and made him lay eggs with sailor hats when he's really hit on the head. Anybody ever get that feeling?