January 11, 2009

Scribbles: The Genius Of Sheldon Mayer - Part Two

Just what is it about Sheldon Mayer's work that fascinates me so? When I read one of his stories I feel that his inner child is communicating directly with mine. There is a strong sense of playfulness in his situations, characters, and renderings. It is very obvious that he loved his craft and put all of his heart and soul into the creative process. He gave everything a signature touch, right down to the shape of the thought balloons. By defining the world of his mind's eye so personally, he facilitates a total immersion in that world. Many artists, if asked to draw a couch with a flower pattern, would draw that couch with every flower evenly spaced and looking identical. A Sheldon Mayer couch is a thing of beauty, big and plush and messy. It's as though he wants you to always know that you are in a cartoon world, not a real one. Here is a "terrific" McSnurtle The Turtle story from Funny Stuff #5 ( Summer 1945). Enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts on this amazing cartoonist.

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