April 16, 2009

Henry's Neverending Story

Carl Anderson may have created Henry, but much of the credit for his mass success must go to John J. Liney. The strip was created in 1932 and Liney was there early on, selling gag ideas. When Anderson became ill in 1935, Liney took over, putting in 44 years at his post. 44 years. That's a long time to think of gags for a bald mute kid. Curiously, in the comic books Henry was allowed to speak, even though he has no discernible mouth. This tale is fom Four Color #155 (July 1947) and features (among several mini-adventures) Henry taking in a Henry cartoon at a local theater and finding it somewhat lacking in entertainment value. He also breaks the fourth wall, as bald mute kids are often wont to do, especially when given temporary speech gifts. Enjoy!

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