December 8, 2009

Crisis On Earth-Cape!

Just when I think nothing in DC Comics' Silver Age arsenal could surprise me, along comes Jimmy Olsen #117 (January 1969) and a tale Leo Dorfman obviously authored while on acid.

In "The Planet Of The Capes" Jimmy is accidentally transferred to an alternate Earth where the people are too stupid to know how to produce clothes made of cloth, so all their garments are woven from metal fibers. There is one mysterious fellow who is selling cloth capes to the very well-to-do, an upper class who decrees that anyone who cannot afford the capes must be a slave. Jimmy eventually finds this person, after taking in a light brunch at The Daily Palate and being sold to his Earth-Cape doppelganger for a buck fiddy.

A quick blog search reveals that this story has already been hammered into submission by the invincible Chris Sims, so do head over and read his appraisal, as well as the comments. Art for this mess-terpiece is by Pete Costanza.

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