December 24, 2009

Frosty's Favorite Interjections

For those occasions when "Happy Birthday!" won't suffice, Frosty has an arsenal of other exclamations at his command.

Frosty has made the common mistake of confusing icicles with fajita platters.
More to the point...Why are you peeping in windows at little boys?
This is an illustration from David Feldman's newest Imponderables book, titled "Why Don't Snowballs Sizzle?"
When Frosty starts to melt, the hallucinations begin. Last time it was lampreys.
Okay, this is a really inappropriate gift. Shame on you, Blitzen!
I actually looked this one up. I was thinking a flapdoodle was a kind of hotcake, but apparently it means "foolish talk" or "nonsense." So..."Frozen foolish talk!" At least he's honest.
Frosty learns a painful life lesson. Stars can't hear you when your words become frozen.
Female office worker #1: "I really like Frosty, but he's got..."

Female office worker #2: "I know...flakes."

Wow! He really is the "snow" man!

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