December 17, 2009

Mark Evanier Knows More Than I Do (Thank Goodness!)

For the second time, I have received a communication from the legendary Mark Evanier. Both times, he wrote to correct me on an artist credit. Clearly, I am doing something right. Mark Evanier is visiting my blog!

Seriously, thanks again Mark, for helping to keep me honest. I did not base my Pete Alvarado credit on anything in the GCBD this time. No, I based it on a thread in a Laurel and Hardy forum. A member named BeAStooge commented:

Laurel & Hardy comic books in the U.S....

- St. John Publishing published 3 issues in 1949. They were reprinted 1955 - 1956, and 2 issues had new covers. Artwork by Reuben Timmins.

- Western Publishing published 4 issues via Dell, 1962 - 1963. Art by Peter Alvarado.

- Western Publishing had another 2 issues with its in-house Gold Key imprint, 1967. Alvarado on artwork.- 2 L&H mini-comics 1967 - 1968, in the "March of Comics" series. "MOC" were giveaway promotions, focused at childrens' shoe stores, published by Western, and distributed by its KK Publications subsidiary. Again, Pete Alvarado was the artist.

- DC Comics put out 1 issue in 1972. A 2nd issue was planned, with a "Superman" crossover gag cover, but it was never published. A digest-sized issue was promoted in early 1972 issues; it also was never published. New DC artwork was by Bob Oskner and Henry Scarpelli; reprint material un-ID'ed.- 1987, Blackthorne Publishing released two issues of reprint material, in 3-D.

Obviously, I am not (yet) a person who can always identify artwork at a glance. On the other hand, other internet resources are proving to be untrustworthy as well. This leaves me in a quandary. I don't want to only post comics by artists I am sure about, but I don't want to risk the shame of misidentifying an artist either (or a writer, for that matter).

I think in the future, when confronted with an artist I can't personally identify, I am going to require two or three separate sources for credit verification. If I am the tiniest bit in doubt after that, I will post the credit and note that I am not 100% sure.

And since I started this post mentioning Mr. Evanier, he related a funny anecdote the other day that was somewhat related to my post of National Lampoon's Mad parody. Check it out.

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