January 18, 2010

The Monkees Talk About LSD and Other Hairy Things

It's "The New Monkey Times," a 13-page article that appeared in On The Scene Presents Freak Out, USA! #1 (Fall 1967, Warren), a short-lived Teen Beat imitation that tried to be a little more relevant. This same issue features articles about Frank Zappa and The Fugs, hardly teenybopper fare.

Within, Davy Jones reveals why he prefers his pet "pollywaug" to fooling around with LSD. On a more serious note, the boys react to a touching letter from an injured Vietnam soldier.

(Thanks to Jacque Nodell of Sequential Crush for suggesting I post this.)


Jacque Nodell said...

Hooray! Thank you so much for posting that, it was a fun read. Pretty heavy letter from the soldier... I actually don't know, did they ever get to Vietnam to perform? I don't remember ever reading about it...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I was yoo uoung to follow The Monkees when they performed or did their TV show. I am a second-Generation fan having follwed them in the mid-70's. I wish I could read more articles on them like this one.