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April 9, 2010

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor...

Yes, we can all breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing that our nation's farmers have a Martian and his magnetic powers on their side!
Volto has magnetic hands, so he has a slight problem with metal belt buckles.
Suddenly, God creates a giant boulder and sends it hurtling towards young Jimmy. Nice one, God.
This is where Volto wastes valuable time explaining that he is about to "go into action." When Volto uses his powers, it sounds like this..."Volto!"
I'm pretty sure peaches are unaffected by magnetism. "Volto!"
I'm going to be pretty disappointed if someday an alien race lands on Earth and their advanced technology turns out to be whole grain cereal based.
Little known fact: Volto is unable to hold a spoon with his left hand.

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