June 30, 2010

Terrytoons: The Saw Mill Mystery (1937)

From YouTuber krazykat1977: " Terrytoon featuring the original version of Oil Can Harry, later becoming a feline version in the Mighty Mouse cartoons. Released 29th October 1937. Directed by Connie Rasinski."

June 29, 2010

Dell One-Pagers: Mr. Magoo

Gerald McBoing Boing and the Nearsighted Mr. Magoo #5 (Aug-Oct 1953, Dell)
Artist Unknown

Terrytoons: Gandy Goose's Swan Song

Originally released on January 25, 1955, here is the last Gandy Goose cartoon, Barnyard Actor, with key animation by Jim Tyer. Gandy's voice is obviously patterned after character actor Ed Wynn's, but in this short Gandy offers up impressions of Groucho Marx, Jimmy Durante, and James Cagney as well.

June 17, 2010

The Rarest Filmation Cartoon of All?

I am intending to dedicate a whole week soon to sharing my thoughts and feelings about Filmation, the animation studio that is possibly the most despised ever. Filmation bashing is practically the official pastime of animation scholars everywhere and my opinion is that some of it is unfairly prejudiced and certainly unnecessarily mean-spirited.

Until then, I'm pleased to bring you possibly the rarest Filmation production ever, a cartoon rather unfortunately named Dick Digit. It looks to be a pilot from around the late
60's, I would guess 1966, 1967, or 1968.

My source for this cartoon stated that he found it on a video released by a small UK company called Video Gems. The video also contained an episode of Blackstar and another pilot called King Arthur, which I'll probably share during my Filmation-athon.

I'm not going to give away any details of the story, but I will say it's pretty strange, and you MUST NOT MISS Ted Knight's most over-the-top narration ever, which occurs at the very end.

Here 'tis.

June 16, 2010

1968: Original Romita/Mooney Spider-Man Art!

I'm not sure who is the owner of this original art from Amazing Spider-Man #67 ( Dec 1968), but I'm very grateful that it was scanned and shared. It's breathtaking stuff! Pencils by John Romita, inks by Jim Mooney (I think the cover is all Romita).

June 15, 2010

1968: CBS Stops Harry's Carnival

In 1968, Harry Belafonte performed the calypso number "Don't Stop the Carnival" on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour before a backdrop of scenes from the tumultuous 1968 Democratic Convention. CBS got squeamish and yanked it from the broadcast, creating another infamous moment of censorship in American history.

On a related note, I suppose the dvd release of the third season of TSMCH (which was the first season to be released to dvd) did not generate very good revenue. It sure is taking a long time to get the other seasons released. (Update: I've been informed that Season Two is available. Amazon, here I come!)

I wish these media conglomerates could figure out an efficient way to get everybody the shows they want. (Update: I still wish that!)

I wonder how successful the Warner Archive experiment, featuring on-demand rips of great but lesser-known or less commercial works from the Warner library, has been. Does anyone have any sales figures or news concerning this program?

Al Williamson's "The Success Story"

R.I.P. Al Williamson (1931-2010)

Creepy #1 (1964, Warren)
Story: Archie Goodwin
Art: Al Williamson

June 14, 2010

1968: Stanley and His Monster

Stanley and His Monster #111 (Aug-Sept 1968, DC)

Pencils:Bob Oksner
Inks: Tex Blaisdell