June 15, 2010

1968: CBS Stops Harry's Carnival

In 1968, Harry Belafonte performed the calypso number "Don't Stop the Carnival" on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour before a backdrop of scenes from the tumultuous 1968 Democratic Convention. CBS got squeamish and yanked it from the broadcast, creating another infamous moment of censorship in American history.

On a related note, I suppose the dvd release of the third season of TSMCH (which was the first season to be released to dvd) did not generate very good revenue. It sure is taking a long time to get the other seasons released. (Update: I've been informed that Season Two is available. Amazon, here I come!)

I wish these media conglomerates could figure out an efficient way to get everybody the shows they want. (Update: I still wish that!)

I wonder how successful the Warner Archive experiment, featuring on-demand rips of great but lesser-known or less commercial works from the Warner library, has been. Does anyone have any sales figures or news concerning this program?


Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

JGT: They have released the Smothers' second season to disc. It's been out for sometime now.

Thanks for posting this -- I love this number, one of the highlights on the third season DVD.

Also wanted to tell you that I like the new look of the blog. I'm not a huge fan of blogs with black backgrounds -- I have to cut and paste the material into Word to read it.

John Glenn Taylor said...

Ivan: Thanks for the heads up about Smothers Season 2. I am deeply ashamed that this information slipped under my radar.

That's a great clip, for sure. Speaking truth to power with the aid of Calypso music is a very novel idea. A spoonful of sugar...

Credit for the new blog design goes chiefly to Blogger and their new Template Designer. I put off updating the look of EM for a long time because I worried some stuff might be inadvertently be wiped. Fortunately, I only had to replace the stat counter and re-remove the navbar.

Thanks for writing!

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

JGT: The best price I've seen on the Season 2 set is $23.70 at DVDPacific.com. You might be able to pick it up cheaper at DeepDiscount.com since their 25% off sale is still underway -- you can use "HOTSTUFF" as a coupon code.