December 10, 2010

Uncle Sanders Wants You!

Go Bernie! Go Bernie! Go Bernie!

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has been speaking on the Senate floor for the better part of seven hours, speaking common sense about a horrible injustice that is about to be perpetrated on the great majority of the American populace.

The chart above ( from The Institute for Policy Studies) shows that 1% of our citizens holds 33.8% of the weath in this country, while 50% makes do with a measly 2.5%. In really easy to understand terms, that means that a handful of rich people owns Boardwalk and Park Place and there are four hotels on each space. It doesn't take a genius to know that the middle class is a dice roll or two away from game over.

Go Bernie! Go Bernie! Go Bernie!

I have not read anything that indicates to me that the hard working people of this nation want to steal the assets of the wealthy and redistribute them Socialism-style. Americans want to work. They want to contribute. What they don't want is to live hour to hour wondering how they are going to provide their next meal to their kids or what they will have to pawn to keep the lights on for another month.

Pay attention working class! That sucking sound is your freedoms going down the toilet. A 69 year old man is talking himself hoarse for you right now. He is speaking against monopolies and standing up for your interests! He is sharing your stories of struggle and survival in Amerika today!

If President Obama really cared about the middle class who voted him into office, he would have surely by now realized that one does not compromise with a brick wall. One bursts through it. That is what this aged Senator is doing so eloquently right now, with words to unjade the jaded, if it is not too late.

Go Bernie! Don't stop! Go man go!

Let your words ring out and light upon the ears of the people that have been deafened by the desperation of their own dismal realities. Let the spirit of the original Tea Party once again echo the chorus "No taxation without representation!" Since the interests of only the very rich seem to matter in Washington, maybe the very rich should pay ALL the taxes for a while!

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wealth And Inequality In America. (Business Insider)

Go Bernie!

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