June 2, 2011

Winters' Final Approach

Buy Jonathan Winters' new album today at Amazon!

I downloaded Jonathan Winter's Final Approach from Amazon this morning and I am happy to report that I was not disappointed. I knew what to expect going in. Improv is a young person's game for the most part. A mental game that requires sharp mental reflexes that must inevitably be somewhat dimmed by the natural aging process. Actually, I was impressed with how sharp Jonathan's skills remain.

This is an album of chuckles, not guffaws. However, while listening I also felt very privileged to be able to spend a little more time with this man who has already brought so much laughter to my life. The experience was not unlike paying a visit to a favorite uncle, one who is a little out of step with the times, but still gregariously entertaining. Here is a preview clip, courtesy of SeeofSound/MVD:

This is one of the few times when I wish Easily Mused had more reach. How wonderful it would be for Jonathan if 100,000 people would buy his cd in the next week. What a great way to show him that he is well remembered and appreciated by many people, as I know he is. Why does it seem like tributes are only paid to folks after they have passed away?

So, once again, if you are or ever have been a Winters fan, please buy Final Approach and spread the word through your blog, Facebook page, and/or Twitter account. Let's put some color into Jonathan Winters' cheeks! This is the last of my hard sell pitches, but the Jonathan exhibits will continue until Sunday.

Today, I want to share Jonathan's 1993 induction into the Comedy Hall of Fame. The audio is a little sketchy, but it contains some nice photos and clips that I can't find anywhere else. Thanks to YouTube poster MyTVcollection for posting this.

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