July 30, 2010

Superman in Shangri-La

For his BBC2 series The Innes Book of Records (1979-1981), Neil Innes donned a Superman suit to guide viewers through his vision of a utopian society. The song "Shangri-La" later entered the repertoire of his faux-Beatles group, The Rutles.

No one discusses utopian societies much anymore. I think most of us would be happy with a much less acrimonious society. I know I would. The people who are staging a 9/11 Quran burning might be better served looking for a Double Rainbow instead. It would be a far more worthy endeavor.

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Unca Jeffy said...

I agree that a more worthy endeavor would be the way to go. Productive, even if a little "Innes tongue-in-cheek" would be better than the destructiveness we see so prevelently nowadays.