November 20, 2013


Rod Serling's Western. The Loner, starring Lloyd Bridges as a former Union cavalry officer in search of a new life, was Serling's attempt to portray The Wild West in more realistic adult terms. It debuted on September 18, 1965 and lasted one season. It's like The Twilight Zone, but less spooky, and with more gunfights. Serling wrote several episodes, which are probably on YouTube (hint hint).

Harry Belafonte: Sing Your Song. This HBO documentary does a good job of balancing Belafonte's twin histories as a musical pioneer and crusader for equality and justice. Currently streaming on Netflix.

"Now I'm Interested." Meet Lieutenant Joe Kenda. He's seen it all in his career as a Colorado Springs police detective, and now he's going to tell you all about it, in the Investigation Discovery original Homicide Hunter. Kenda's cool delivery and keen eye for detail set this show apart from others of it's ilk. Addictive.

Alo Alo. World Market is where I discovered a seriously refreshing aloe vera beverage produced by a company named ALO.  There are several varieties, the ALLURE with mangosteen and mango being my favorite. The little aloe bits are fun to chew. A daily ritual. ALO website

Streaming Johnny. Johnny Carson fans have been disappointed with the edited versions of TheTonight Show that have been released to date. The releasers of these botch jobs are finally starting to understand that they are selling an experience, not just a show. To wit, a new dvd "Vault Series" and several full episodes streaming gratis on YouTube. Some of the orchestra music has been cut, so these are not perfect, but they're close. Good times!

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