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June 3, 2010

One Man's Haul: eBay Fever

I have to be very very careful about eBay. There are so many wonderful comics for sale there. I have spent way too many hours in the last few weeks perusing comic lots like a sweaty Vegas gambler. I won five auctions, and so far have received two packages. This is a reader lot of Bronze Age kid stuff. I'm more interested in Silver Age comics, but these looked fun, and I got them for a very reasonable price. Not a superhero in the bunch, unless you count Super Goof. Gorsh, how could you not? Eye candy ahead...


  1. Very impressive haul, JGT. The Harvey comics have stoked the fires of nostalgia in me...well, so do the Charlton Comics--but not necessarily in a good way. (I bought Charlton only when it had been firmly established that I'd read everything else.)