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June 10, 2010

One Man's Haul: Kid Comic Bonanza!

Collecting comic books again after a long absence from the hobby is proving to be exhilarating and rejuvenating. Here is another nice lot of comics I won last week on eBay.

Little Dot loves dots so much, she even hears them.

Ain't he a stinker?

It's Peter Porkchops, back in the day before he bulked up as Pig Iron from the Zoo Crew. The expression on Wolfie's face is priceless.

These comics look so insanely fun, I keep putting off reading them. Does that make sense? I read this one though. Leprechauns are great comic foils. Maybe I'll post this one soon.

I was expecting at least one Spunky The Smiling Spook story in this, the first issue of a comic book named Spunky The Smiling Spook. There is a Spunky story, but it concerns a kangaroo, not the Casper knock-off. Silly Ajax.

No Sheldon Mayer art here. This is the handiwork of Rube Grossman.

Some kid obviously had a lot of fun recoloring the water gushing out of the phone on this cover. Thanks a lot, kid!

I guess the wacky stuff is inside the book. The gag here seems to be "Ghosts are scary."
I wish every kid growing up today could have the experience of reading comics as fun as these.


  1. How did the company that published "Spunky" not get sued by Famous/Paramount/Harvey? Before I saw the title of the book I thought it was Casper.

  2. These books that we "outgrew" so fast are a cornerstone for my sensibilities of what's fun. It's truly ashame that this stuff is not available as readily for kids today.

  3. Oh, you dog! I'm nearly drooling!