February 8, 2010

A 70's Flashback: Chuck Barris

In this snippet from writer Jonathan Vankin's The Big Book Of The 70's, Rick Geary illustrates the adventures of Chuck Barris, the wacky entrepreneur behind "The Dating Game", "The Newlywed Game", and "The Gong Show."

For those of you who read Chuck's autobiography, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, or, more likely, watched the movie of the same name and are still wondering if the CIA stuff has even a grain of truth to it, I like the answer given by Cecil "Straight Dope" Adams.

Lately Chuck has been getting his jollies writing books. Here is the L.A. Times review of his latest, a murder mystery titled Who Killed Art Deco?

What a character. I admire his tenacity.

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