May 11, 2010

Frank Frazetta's "Dan Brand and Tipi"

Art lovers across the globe are saddened by the passing of one of the 20th Century's true masters of illustration, Frank Frazetta. The story I am sharing today, from The Durango Kid #3 (January 1950), shows that, by age 21, Frazetta had already distinguished himself as a top-notch comic illustrator with a more than firm grasp of anatomy and composition. Rest in peace, Mr. Frazetta. Your legacy is secure.


Hyde said...

So glad that you put this up--I like the action and strip work better'n the sword/sorcery bit. I'd love to see a quality reprint of Frazetta's western comics, but I'd probably be the only one what would buy it.

nyrdyv said...

The depth of Frank Frazetta's artwork will be hard for anyone to match. The quality and variety will be even more difficult.

And, more importantly, the man himself is irreplaceable.


Steven G. Willis

Peter Richardson said...

You can see Hal Foster's influence throughout but this strip crackles with an energy that was absent from Prince Valiant by the time Frazetta set about creating these beautiful strips.

I've only ever seen this before in the Pure Imagination reprint, great to see the original comic.

Many thanks for sharing.