May 2, 2010

Mr. Dithers, Homicidal Maniac

One must admit that Blondie, like a lot of comic strips, has lost a lot of it's edge. Political correctness is a big factor. This excerpt from Blondie Comics Monthly #80 (July 1955, Harvey) would probably be deemed too violent today.

Dagwood is attempting to use psychology to obtain a raise from the notoriously stingy Dithers.

That's it, Bumstead. Reel him in slowly. You've almost got him in the palm of your hand...

Dithers is the meanest SOB ever. He doesn't even pretend otherwise.

Holeeeee! Dagwood didn't even ask for the raise yet! Dithers is sure a ball of fire!

Dithers is an amateur magician. This is the old "Drown a guy while crushing his balls" trick. If Dagwood makes it home, he's throwing away all his Freud books.

Ay caramba! Dithers really leaned into that swing. At this point, Dagwood would be happy to forget the whole raise thing. A good health care plan, that would be swell.

Okay, I'm getting a little queasy now. WE GET THE POINT, DITHERS! Oh, the humanity!

J.C. Dithers, President of Boots in the Ass!

"Now that you are dead, Bumstead, let me be the first to pee on your grave!"

Artist unknown (maybe Paul Fung, Jr.)


Daniel [] said...

On at least one occasion in the strip, Mr Dithers smashed a typewriter on Dagwood's head. I'm pretty sure that would have proved fatal in those days (and would be unlikely to be survived in these).

Blondie was often seen as somehow dull, yet characters thereïn were frequently on the verge of a psychotic break, which sometimes occurred.

Unknown said...

Classic strip. Dean rarely - if ever - has Dithers beating Bumstead to a bloody pulp. I miss these!