May 25, 2010

Howie Post's "The Tiger Nobody Wanted"

Howard "Howie" Post, who passed away last week, brought an inspired sense of fun to his comics work. When I look at this story from Funny Stuff #39 (November 1948), I feel the exuberance of a young cartoonist with a great love and respect for his craft and a yearning to constantly innovate.

The framing of the first panel of page four is a striking example of his ability to interpret the script in a most effective, and utterly affecting way. The small silhouette of the outcast tiger cub, surrounded only by trees that seem to bend sympathetically in his direction, truly makes me sad. The loss of such a tremendous talent and wonderful human being makes me much sadder.

I posted another example of Post's fine work here, where you will also find links to an interview he did with Jon B. Cooke and an appreciation of his work by John Kricfalusi.

Craig Yoe shares a few thoughts and two more great stories, here and here.


Unknown said...

love this comic, hadn;t seen it--thanks for posting it!--craig yoe

nyrdyv said...

Hadn't seen this one before. You are correct, it is a great example of the fun he brought to his works.


Steven G. Willis